Why, in this fast-paced, high-tech world, would anyone want to knit? You can read about the benefits, yes, but isn’t it just another hobby? Another thing to do? One more thing on the list?
Our children are living in a world that, as quickly as it is evolving, is leaving behind something of our humanity- our capacities to deeply connect and quiet ourselves, our ability to dream and imagine, our ability to emotionally regulate, and the full use of our hands-hands that have a long history of advancing humanity.
We have lost the art of practice in favor of the ready-made and quick fix.
Knitting as a child brings back something human-the compulsion to invent, to do something meaningful with one’s hands, the joy of giving, the sense of accomplishment at having learned something of real use. It connects us to our past, our present, and our future. And as deeply satisfying as it is on so many levels, it is pure fun and joy.
Here is a place to learn knitting along with your children, to be inventive, creative, and joyfully devoted. All levels welcome here, an help is always available. My goal is to create a place devoted entirely to teaching children how to knit and providing patterns as well as a place for children and adults alike to share their creations. Because of my teaching experience, I am able to provide age-appropriate projects and directions. Welcome to my page!
(About me: I have been teaching knitting-as well as singing- to children for 17 years. One of the teaching methods I have been trained to bring to children is the ability to think for one’s self in an imaginative way. I’ve been published in Living Crafts magazine, have taught parenting classes, and have a BA in Psychology/Creative Writing. My four children all knit, crochet, sing, paint, embroider, or otherwise make stuff. I am particularly interested in the psychological benefits of making art. I say, “Why, yes, I did make this.” a lot.)


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